Batchen Commander Il and Concept 2000 dispensers consist of separate hydraulic and electronic modules, mounted in a substantial steel frame. Ease of access to both modules is assured by removable panels secured by keyed locks.
Hoses are suspended from flexible high hosemasts.
Single, dual and quad hose versions are available.

Commander Il and Concept 2000 models are approved by all relevant authorities in Australia, including The National Standards Commission and Standards Australia.Design complies with AS2229.2 (Liquified Petroleum Gas Dispensing Equipment), ASI 596, AS3000 and other applicable Australia Standards. Typically these are equivalent to similar European, North American and other international standards.
Specific information can be provided on request.


  • 3mm zinc plated mild steel, or 2mm stainless steel structural frame.
  • External surfaces stainless steel, powder coated stainless steel or fibreglass.
  • Internal metal surfaces plated and (in some cases) powder coated.

Basic hydraulic module is mounted on a separate sub-frame, facilitating removal for service or upgrade. Single, dual and quad hose versions are available.
Hydraulic system is comprised of:

  • Batchen glandless, double acting meters (dual piston available as an option).
  • Batchen vapour eliminator/filter assembly
    • Type: Constant Bleed
    • Volume: 1233 mL
    • Filter size: 25 micron
    • Filter area: 200cm3
  • Batchen differential Valves:
    •Standard operating pressure: 2 bar
  • Batchen Sentry 20 hose break-away couplings.
  • LGE Gasguard "pressure Seal" technology hose nozzles:
    • 3/4" Acme car filler connection (others available)
    • 1/2" or 3/4*' NPT inlet swivel
  • Automatic vapour detection/density monitoring as an option (in this case the differential valve is not required).

- Recommended minimum flow rate: 10.0 litres/minute
- Recommended maximum flow rate: 60.0 litres/minute
- Maximum operating pressure: 23.8 bar
- Temperature compensation range: -30C to +45C
- Accuracy: +/- 0.4%


  • Liquid inlet flange: 32mm x Class 300 ANSI (others available)
  • Vapour return flange: 20mm x Class 300 ANSI (others availabl

All electrical equipment is Explosion Proof, protected by one or more of the following techniques:

ZONE I & Il:

  • Intrinsically safe (Ex ia or ib, AS 2380.7)
  • Flameproof enclosure (Ex d, AS 2380.2)
  • Encapsulated (Ex m, AS 2431)
  • Increased Safety (Ex e. AS 2380.6 — Cable terminations only)


  • Non-sparking (Ex n, AS 2380.9)

Various electronic options are available; this results in some variance in detailed specifications. The following are typical


  • Micro-processor controlled operation and volume/price computation.
  • Non-volatile or battery maintained memory (minimum 20 days).
  • Dual channel pulsers with self error checking.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Large back-lit Liquid Crystal displays.
  • Optional electronic vapour detection/density monitoring.
  • Optional preset value and/or volume to be dispensed.
  • Optional magnetic card reader.


  • Total volume display range: O - 999.99 units
  • Total value display range: O - 99999 units (variable decimal point)
  • Price per unit display range: O - 99999 units (variable decimal point)
  • Cumulative volume range: 9999999999 units (dependent on model)
  • Maximum metering resolution: Up to 9999999999 units (dependent on model)
  • Cumulative value range: millilitres or equivalent (@ 100 litres/minute); 1 millilitre or-equivalent (50 litres/minute)
  • Calculation accuracy: Rounded to the nearest sub-unit of currency
  • Data retention: Minimum 20 days


  • Mains supply (specify at time of order) 110 - 240 volt, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating temperature range: -300 to + 45C ambient
  • Humidity range: 0-90% (non-condensing)